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Targasonne, Returns - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Targasonne, Returns - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
December 05, 2011 - 

With the excuse that it was the anniversary of Laia and Leti, we decided to rent a house in the middle of the town of Targasonne, where at other times we were treated very well, so where we would be better and incidentally was an excuse to celebrate and climbing toward Targasonne for two days.


While waiting to come Met Pol and Joan could not raise the same Friday, we began to warm up the engines in the industry Themis, here was one of my goals this weekend and if I did I was more than satisfied, a problem I fall from the first moment I saw him a few years ago, Eternal Flame 7b +, on several occasions that I've been testing raised when it was not the heat, humidity and when it was not my littlefeeling. Before but we decided to warm up on those problems fixed and you never ever do them much attention,with pleasant surprises, high quality hidden in this small area, which profoundly grateful tranquility that day. They warmed up at No. 65-5b, Orangina 5c, RDV pour un ange 5a, at No. 69-6b + problem nice andeasy to read, No. 68-6a and pedaled 6c + another problem that I recommend if you are in the sector, analmost horizontal crack that goes diagonally with a sequence of inverted grip and feet, a good problem toconsider. Highlight the chain of Met to pedaled with his handicap of not being able to rotate the wrist, could makethe problem through perseverance and the pursuit of new methods, and bided monodedos side aswardrobes, chapeau.

Since the early morning cold was intense, the cars were covered with a thin layer of ice, the temperature had been very low during the night and the day had similar characteristics but was raising the temperatureand the cold became less intense, throughout the day a dry feel accompanied us and made almost everyone of us could see their goals accomplished, the first of them was Pol I do not doubt for a moment to put on his climbing shoes and share approaches to solving Eternal Flame 7b +, which was among the first totake him, after recalling movements and find the feeling I need to play to me, finally (video soon) and sincethe turn of folding Domenec candles after much would chain also insist, very happy with this chain , made ​​me special pleasure, had tested extensively and always had a point but could not find the way, thanks toLaia and Met for photos and video.

Oscar in a sequence of models crux of Eternal Flame.

Metodo Domenec de entrada al problema

It came the turn of Met that he wanted to leave sentenced one of the problems that were pending in thePacman 7b of his left Harmonium 7b + (sit) had already done with an ease insulting and Pacman will notcost much more in attempts to solve it with a little photo shoot and recording chain. The boy wonders (Pol Roca) wants to keep pushing, falling in the afternoon and decided to move theindustry where we will be back camping alone while we are still fighting about Love is in the air, taking the skins to throw away, Pol want to work and refine Shadow Dancer 8a (sit), a very aesthetic bow with a falla bit compromised, not solve it, but leaves quite a few notes, solving all the moves in a quick and easy,the next day it sure makes sentenced.

It's time to pick up and return to our home, and at night we would visit Pol Palau, Marc and his friendswhere we share a moment of laughter and anecdotes.

Sunday morning it rained and the day dawned a little gray, nothing for what would become a radiant day,if I did not climb anything, I take it to four photos and recovered the furs, the whole troop Taz wanted to go to Sector and whenever I go to these sectors feel the same, or there are many blocks that I have done or are there so many people all over the place that put me off climbing, a bit of everything from the concentration of which organized Petzl Targasonnic I had not seen so many people out there. Leti finally solved its thorn stuck Mixer 6a (sit), Met l'Aquarium Surround 7a + that had quite crossed, PolOscar did the same and leave it to point, from here we moved to the top of Taz, the classic square wherePol to the flash Kebab Traum 7b (sit) and Oscar, Met and Pol were devoted to test the classic The hadjiz7b +, a blazing sun kept us yet and thus Pl had the strength to go Uncle Bob's test 7c're up here for aweekend that had everything I am left with the anniversary of Laia and future mother of a girl named Arlet(our daughter) and my chain to Eternal Flame, as the name the route of Güllich-Albert and as the flamethat hopefully never goes out of scale and enthusiasm for life.


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