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Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar

Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
Pregnancy projets done! - Martina Cufar
November 30, 2011 - 

Months are passing fast!!! I spent the whole October in Slovenia, visiting family, climbing, skydiving, making long promenades with Tommy...And now we are back in France!

During his promenades Tommy is no longer watching Triglav. Now he’s observing Mont Blanc, Les Drus,L’aiguille du Midi (well, he sleeps most of the time J). I am really lucky to live in such nice places!  Every day I say to myself, “waw, those mountains are really amazing!”


I am even more aware of this now, when I am walking slowly with the stroller and I have more time to observe than before, when I was mostly running, biking, hurrying, sweating…not really taking care of the “decoration”. Now we are watching trees, leaves, listening to the water, cowbells, and birds. It’s cool “strollering”!

Last week that we spent in Slovenia, Tommy saw also the sea! We went twice to Napoleonica above Trieste. It’s perfect for stroller promenades and climbing. Tommy’s drivers were my sister and mother, while we, “climbing junky mothers” were climbing. Maja Šuštar (mother of two girls) motivated me for the Wild Wind 8a. The route is almost totally chipped, but nice view on the sea and the sunset makes you forget this fact. Finally I found it super nice, so I returned two days after to climb it!

Third of November we drove back with Tommy to Chamonix. It was even documented. We were photographed by the camera in the tunnel of Mont BlancJ But my valet had luck, the date on the photo was the wrong one, so the kind policeman let us go. It’s not always bad thing that the technology freezeJ

After one month of separation Nico almost didn’t recognize Tommy any more. He became a real little boy, 7kg! But soon they got used one to another. They love to watch TV together. Ayayay!

Nico was very happy about his trip with FFCAM team. He missed El Corazon for just one pitch (The roof traverse), but the ambience in the team was just perfect and this is what makes climbing trips the best!

The days here in Chamonix are just perfect for climbing! While the south of France received a huge amount of rain which soaked all the tufa climbing areas, we didn’t get a raindrop. All the climbing areas are dry, and the sun is still strong enough to climb in shorts on 1500m of altitude. Most of the time we spent in Bionnassay, where I also had my “pregnancy climbing project”, Les coudes aux zenith 8a+. It didn’t feel really easier without the belly! I needed three days to do it. Well, now my list of the “belly routes” is ticked. I need to find new projets!


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