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New "Moon" Mountain Bike Zone - Jonathan Widen

New  "Moon" Mountain Bike Zone - Jonathan Widen
New  "Moon" Mountain Bike Zone - Jonathan Widen
New  "Moon" Mountain Bike Zone - Jonathan Widen
November 29, 2011 - 

Finally found the mother of all riding zones in the eastern sierra mountains. The early recon mission proved to be a great success with only a 3-4 hours scouting mission on a Saturday afternoon. I headed out to mountains with my good friend and local Mammoth Mountain building legend, William Ganley. Billy or William is a trail builder for Mammoth Mountain Bike Park during the summer months and in the winter months Billy builds one of the greatest 22 foot half-pipes in the world! So he was a perfect candidate to bring out to the new area to share ideas of possible line choices and routes around the area.


As we entered the new zone it really felt like we where on the Moon! The landscape was nothing like I have ever seen before. Super bright color full old equipment that hadn't been run in over 2 decades lay there like old dinosaurs of the mining world. The landscape was bright white with red, purple, and black mixed into the walls of the massive cliffs and the soil! The soil is just as bright as all the surrounding cliff bands and has this spongy feel to it like no one has walked on it for over 10 years.

As we stared at all the possible line choices to pick from, we finally narrowed our choices back into the "real world" realm of things. I mean we where getting crazy ideas of super huge lines that just wouldn't work even on a moto. I mean there is cliffs from 10' to 180' tall and jumps ranging from 30' to 200'+. But don't think I'm telling you we are only building little things...... Not at all!

The whole purpose to scouting this area was to find huge lines, and big jumps. And we did!

Right now it looks like we should be able to build through most of the winter months, but you never know in the mountains. Mother nature rules all and she might make us wait until spring, but soon this area will be in front of a professional lens and being brought to all you guys and gals around the world!

Stay tuned for more pics and updates.

Photo credit: Jonathan Widen

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