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Climbing in Arkansauce - Kyle Francis

Climbing in Arkansauce - Kyle Francis
November 28, 2011 - 

Sorry for the late blog post, I've been super swamped with school work, so blame that!

Earlier this month I went to Arkansas with a couple of my buddies from Texas and we had an unbelievable trip.
it started off arriving Friday at like three in the morning, which wasn't awesome but whatever. we woke up later on Friday and went to Fred's cave after warming up. started off on a climb called Triforce V9, which actually took me a lot of tries. then, rested a little bit and fell swinging out of the finish jug of Fred's roof V11 on my flash run. though disappointed cause i didn't flash, still psyched, and sent pretty quickly after. later we went to a climb called Off the rails V10, then again, hosed on my flash run. Fell on the second to last move only because I grabbed a hold wrong. I then sent pretty quickly.


Second day we went to a new area, and right at the entrance to this massive boulder field was a V7 on a roof, that we didn't know the name of, that was allot of fun to mess around with with various bat hangs and what not. Later we found another unclimbed line that we then cleaned and put chalk on. I soon got the FA and named it Blades of Glory V9, due to a very sharp blade at the beginning. it topped out at like 45 feet, and I'm terrified of heights, sooo....... then right before we were leaving, we found another line that had a sweet all points off dyno to finish. it ended up being like V10. Luckily Brian Anthunuise got the FA, i however didn't send. but it was a really neat experience. it was pitch black, and we were climbing with headlamps, and just the psych and all the fun we were having, was like nothing I've ever been around before.

The last day, Brian fell a couple times swinging out of the finish jug of one inch pinch v12, which sucked, but we were all really psyched. right before we had to leave we went to go try a climb called Ab lounger, V10, a really fun line that just slaps up a slopey rail. luckily for us, it was cold, but also humid. Right before we had to leave to get back for homework and tests on Monday, i barely sent the climb by the skin of my teeth.
Over all it was a stinking awesome trip and I'm really hopeful that i get more opportunities to go on trips like that one.
Also sorry for the lack of Photos/videos, none of the ones we took were good in the slightest.....
Heres the final tick list:
Triforce v9
Freds roof v11
off the rails v10
Blades of glory V9 FA
unknown V7
Ab lounger V10
you stay classy


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