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TanksGiving! - Chris Schulte

TanksGiving! - Chris Schulte
November 26, 2011 - 

November 2011- Hueco Tanks, TX.

After a good run-around with Ronnie Jenkins for the 5.10 Ride with the Rep, I was psyched to spend a little home-time.. Turned out to be a short stint: my girlfriend had some time off, so we headed down to the Moab area for a short week of bouldering on the Wingate. Back to Boulder, then out to Joe's Valley for me, on another short trip that proved to be disastrous: day one, problem one gave side-by-side flappers, day two was so cold that water and stove froze, and the project in photos turned out to be an eliminate (once I finally found it..), day three I sailed past the pads to bruise a heel on a flat stone.. the same line that tore me up on day one. Day four, I called my sweetie to find out she had some more time off, and we were headed to Hueco for 10 days..


I promptly planned my first meal at El Pasito, and listed all the pastries I'd eat from the Mercado to myself.

Adapting to the style of climbing here has been exhausting- we've climbed daily since our arrival four days back. Thankfully, an all-night deluge and a smattering of passing thundershowers kept us indoors today.. Full-rest conditions. It has been rather warm, which was a nice change from Joe's, but the storms have cooled it down a great deal- enough to try the project I found a couple days back: a curved, slopey compression line (no!) in the middle of the east spur maze. Hiding in plain sight! A little short on stars perhaps, but worthy once the first sit start move goes, and beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Cooler temps should help.. We'll see!


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