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Fontana National 2011 - Jonathan Widen

Fontana National 2011 - Jonathan Widen
Fontana National 2011 - Jonathan Widen
November 24, 2011 - 

Ahh, So-cal.

Don Jackson once again brought downhill mountain biking to the masses and local southern California racers. The Fontana National was held at South Ridge Raceway in Fontana, California.  This was the last race of the fall, it was the closing event for the South Ridge crew and local racers alike for the 2011 summer season. The DH track was challenging for every abllitly of rider. There was small rock gardens to big G-out pits in corners, and high speed sections with great flow through most of the corners down the track. O'yeah and lets not forget about the "Wall". The "Wall" is a 1/4 mile section of retaining wall that is for the local residents back yards to seperate the lower foothills of the Fontana area from there yards. On the foothill side of the "Wall" lays a flat piece of track with tons of local graffiti artists signatures and a flat piece of race track that tests all riders endurance ablitys at the very end of the race course.


Saturday was practice and almost every rider was training for there race runs on Sunday. The race track was getting more and more ridden in and the lines where always changing every moment. Sunday finally made it way around and it was race time! The race ran very smooth throughout the day and at the end of the day Aaron Gwin was crowned champion of the men's Pro Downhill.

Here is the top 5 for Men's Pro Downhill

Aaron Gwin
David K
Kevin Aiello
Logan Binggeli
Neko Mulally

As for myself, yes I raced in Sundays Finals in Men's Pro Downhill but did not have the great success as my pro competitors. I had a slow leak or a flat rear tire if you will towards the end of the race course, bummer! But as I have learned over many years of racing. you can't win them all and especially if you have a flat tire.

Photo credit: Jonathan Widen

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