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AT's Showdown! - Jack Fogelquist

AT's Showdown! - Jack Fogelquist
November 23, 2011 - 

AT's Showdown went down at the Cow Palace a little over a week ago!  It was nothing but good times and I ended up taking home 8th!

Brendan Howey, Mike Zinger, and I made our way up to San Francisco on Saturday morning for the third annual AT's Showdown at the Cow Palace!  Upon arrival, the course looked big, but awesome, and we quickly got to riding!  The course didn't take long to get dialed, as it was built so well, and practice turned into a big jam.  Qualifiers started up, making things a bit more competitive, but the jam format took off a lot of pressure.  Anxiety grew as always once qualifiers ended, and the top 32 were announced and sent to the top.  There was much uncertainty as to what would happen in finals, as this "head to head" dual-slalom type format had never been done before in slopestyle.


AT got it going though, and it quickly turned into one of the most exciting things that I've seen.  It was awesome watching good friends battling each other, each throwing down everything they had right next to the other on huge jumps!  Soon it was my turn, and I was against my good buddy Max.  I got my run and ended up moving on to round two!  The excitement only grew with the intensity, and I went up against another good friend, Jeff.  He crashed super-whipping the last jump, so I moved on again, this time against yet another homie, R-Dog!  Knowing I'd have to step it up to have any chance, I did my usual flip on the first, 1-foot-x-up to no-foot-can on the second, and went for a double whip over the last!  I didn't quite get it, just landing with one foot on, and R-Dog moved on to later take 2nd!  That put me in 8th place overall, so I'm stoked on that!  Greg took home the big win, and everyone celebrated in the usual fashion that night.  Thankfully there were minimal injuries over the weekend, ending the event on a good note!


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