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Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Fffound second ascent - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
November 19, 2011 - 

Yesterday Met I proposed to return to Codol to the end of their course of boulder climbing and our room along with some partners decided to go to spend the morning (at least me), they still did not know, had always gone to and I wanted Savassona to know a new place for them, so I headed for Codol.

The morning boded no better, in terms of touch, very foggy, but inexplicably has been among the first places where the fog has lifted, when I was at 14:00 in the distance fog was still there and Savassona and were in the sun.


We began with the ritual of rigor, heat in the road block, with the classics, Alberto's Boulder, Crossing Menu happy family and classics there, Pere, Kiko, Jordi and Pove, have been brand new in this beautiful block and some problems are left unsolved, I was surprised to see the big lip foot of Happy Family Start Menu, kneaded, bright resin such as dams and lose when the grain polished, somewhat surprisingly, for such a small area like this.

As the boys knew nothing, Met I wanted to give a general tour, so toward the large block of forest where the best lines, Guerrilla's Crack, Samsara, The edge of life, Fffound, both Met and I repeat Guerrilla's Crack is a masterpiece, the boys have been fighting and rightly points out that they have left.

As always looking for things to be, and few there I have left, I remembered suddenly that he could not string together a block Fffound opened three years ago but had not chained, made the first ascent Jordi Serra (Serriqui) for the evening before the shooting of the Night Club, that day and very sore fingers of the micro arcing monodedos I fell from the top, and since then he had not re-tested.

Today very encouraged by how strong I am, and the number of mats that covered the floor was a good time to try, so I messed with my usual ritual, magnesium, drying, I watch it, magnesium hands, I I turn to look, move and try to remember three times without finding the exact sequence feet. In one attempt I stand on the famous hold in the form of plug for the fingers, two microdots of monodedo not let you stay too long on them and on their feet so delicate, and I start to get up and begin to see from the block high output even closer betrays me and I fall a foot, I'm listening to Met tells me to be up to take pictures because I do see, as I say, as long as that does not care missing, but thanks to you and that if these photos would not be so good that I made the chain. So the intent of the chain, the usual ritual in which more time to throw me to climb, one that has its quirks, plug in the first half onodedo bided phalanx and get up, play with the feet first and I hold the first micro monodedo (the one pictured above) I am inexplicably floating and I can see that magnesium untarme for the next plug, I've finally decided to catch it monodedo, plug with two fingers on each hole was too damaging and forces you a very extreme tonnage of a point so small. Foot climb, I groping with his right hand and I am comfortable, grow and stretch to catch on micropies lateral strip and the top of the block, tablecloth easy and I had just taken the second ascent of Fffound a blocazo of body tension, that you had to win.

Met on top, we have lacked just save it for the memory, but another day, going down, well arched fingers for there to hit on those miniagujeros, but now at home writing and clenching his fists as he remembered the chain, I hit two or three more would have been counterproductive, so that has gone fast, yujuuuuuuuuuu.


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