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China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell

China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell
China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell
China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell
China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell
China wrap up and Hueco! - Jon Cardwell
November 16, 2011 - 

I’m officially back in Boulder now, my home base in the us. Well, not officially, I’m leaving in a couple days to Wichita, Kansas to reset a climbing wall with my friend and coworker at Movement Climbing and Fitness, Ryan Sewell. I’ll be gone through the weekend setting and doing bit of coaching for the local climbers. After that, I will finally be at home for bit. The last month has been a whirlwind of traveling, climbing and work. It all started in California where I met up with Kevin Newell and Beau Khaler en route to China for the Petzl RocTrip. The venue, to say the least was incredible. The Petzl team did an amazing job at organizing and executing the event. The climbing was equally impressive with mind-blowing features, specifically the massive Great Arch, aka ChuanShang cave that rises 1400 steps above a river. The event and climbing completely exceeded my expectations. I’m working on a full report on the event that will be out soon!


The last week I was in Hueco. I got back from China and immediately drove down with the Movement setting crew. We have been working hard all year so Mike Moelter decided to rent a huge RV dubbed “Cruising America” to take the team down to Hueco for a few days of bouldering. I was still a bit worked from traveling and climbing in China so I took it pretty easy and enjoyed repeating some classics and testing the waters on a few projects that I have in mind for the winter season. Sewell had a good trip, climbing Full Monty V12, The Feather V11, Chablanke V11 and Sunshine V11. It was cool to hang out and climb with the crew outside of the work environment. I also got a taste of how to prepare for my next trip.

Until then, I will be busy training, climbing and setting! Look out for a complete China report and hopefully more updates on local climbing here in Colorado. The conditions are PRIME and syke is high!


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