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Decoding, Crazy slab - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Decoding, Crazy slab - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
November 12, 2011 - 

Today had to be one of those days to decipher, and has been estrenábamos crash pad, custom made for us, to our taste, colors and composition chosen, you could smell the damp, cool, fall descifrábamos movements.


A week earlier, gave way to a plate / slab from those where not everyone will want to climb, are difficult, are encrypted, cost decipher the code used to climb them, there are no written rules on how to climb, butI continue to fascinate me as the first day, they are constantly learning, this also has tall enough to hurt, 6, 7 meters, full of aesthetic movements.

Just passed through my mind one thing, crazy slab, slab crazy, back home was an expression I came to mind last week, the name was going in handy, along with my colleagues / partners and friends shared a session First Ascent, several problems still unnamed, all of considerable height, temperature influences everything, so moisture is all the necessary cold, but still temporary.

A slab Crazy Oscar presented to him, and fell in love as a teenager, he deciphered as I explained last week, throughout the morning together, immersed in that puzzle, we have everyone together the puzzle pieces and composing what was becoming a work of nature, a break, rest after falling in another crux unexpected that we did not have the a similar height, stand, brush, watch, patience is part of the boulder game I like, find the line , clean, have rhythm and patience, be creative, and finally find my way to get shape escalate the issue, that is what attracts me and follows me to keep doing hooking boulder.

It was late afternoon, crazy slab, without much moisture was all better, listening to my colleagues, reminding dictation mode for hours all that I learned when I forgot the lesson, listening in silence, broken only by a mine ordeal , levitate, turn the impossible and possible morphological, dance and climb to the top of the block, has been fantastic.

Crazy slab, First Ascent


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