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I love the cold months, but I don't like the snow - Phillip Schaal

I love the cold months, but I don't like the snow - Phillip Schaal
I love the cold months, but I don't like the snow - Phillip Schaal
November 07, 2011 - 

It is tough to find the middle ground here in Colorado. During the past few years it seems like Fall only lasts a few weeks and then the snow comes.  Every week we have had a storm that has left a blanket of snow.     As a result I have had to carry along a few extra items with me, a shovel, a big brush, and a few towels have joined me on my excursions lately.  The winter tactics are a bit bothersome but necessary if you are motivated like I am.  And when I’ve managed to clean off a boulder and climb it the satisfaction is great.


Over the weekend I practiced this with a friend.  My friend Kevin and I drove up to a boulder in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We knew we would have to clean off the snow, so with that in our minds we were unsure if we would have the chance to climb at all.  After a few hrs of cleaning and waiting for the boulder to dry up.  We started climbing and we both made an ascent of one the most classic V12’s in colorado, (in my opinion.)  I must say, days like that really motivate me to keep on getting out.


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