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Summer Sweat Fest Finale and Coyote Fall Classic Competition

Summer Sweat Fest Finale and Coyote Fall Classic Competition
Summer Sweat Fest Finale and Coyote Fall Classic Competition
Summer Sweat Fest Finale and Coyote Fall Classic Competition
November 02, 2011 - 

Just a quick update on a couple comps before the Tour de Bloc season starts! The Summer Sweat Fest Season is now over. The season finale competition that I was talking about earlier went really well. I ended up winning the competition and had so much fun. My buddy Dustin Curtis was setting for the comp and he always impresses with new movements and really creative sequences. Check out this link he posted of me flashing Mens final number 4:


I really felt like my mental game was totally on for this comp! Not only do I feel like I am climbing stronger than I ever have but because I have now built up an extensive base of competition experience I feel like I can actually perform at the level I know I’m capable of at competitions. I think this will be my season!

I also competed in the Coyote Rock Gym Fall Classic competition. I had to travel out to Ottawa but it was well worth it! This was my first time going to this competition and I was amazed at how many people showed up. There were about 150 people that came out to test their skills on 70 redpoint boulder problems. As usual for this gym, the problems were very well set and a ton of fun. After 4 hours of intense bouldering I was able to send all but one of the top 8 problems with only a couple falls. I managed to win the comp and take home an awesome cash prize too. Always impressed with the gym and atmosphere and setting quality at Coyotes and I can’t wait for their Tour de Bloc later this season!

The Tour de Bloc season 12 kicks off at Joe Rockheads this Saturday! Already over 70 men registered to compete in open! So psyched!

Will keep you all updated!



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