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Northern Arctic Boulder Adventure

Northern Arctic Boulder Adventure
Northern Arctic Boulder Adventure
Northern Arctic Boulder Adventure
November 01, 2011 - 

In May 2010 a highly motivated Boulder team met in Trondheim. My friends Justin Hawkins, Torstein Eide, Belinda Weiss and new “Newcomer” Therese Johansen and myself wanted to check the Norways best Bouldering Spots and moreover we wanted explore new areas along Norways never ending Coastlines.


We have been super lucky to get a proper Boat for our Trip and additional one of the best filmmakers from the snowboard and skater scene. Josh Knox, a young London City convinced with his style and his ideas. And we have been impressed by the great granite boulders in Norway. Josh followed us for two weeks. It was an adventurous Boat Trip where we found perfect granite & magic lines on these Islands out there. We climbed the best lines, and of course we opened some hard test pieces. But for us it was very important, not just to show hard core bouldering. We waned to show the beauty of this magical landscape, the lifestyle and friendship of a motivated group of Climbers.

Back home in Austria I convinced some great musicians for this project. Josh and myself tried to make something different, not really knowing how it should look like in the end. Months by month elapsed, and in June 2011 we have been happy with our movie.

NORTHERN BEATS is a for all people out there, which are also effected with the Columbus gene. It’s something refreshing and probably the first Boulder – Music Video on the market. Great pictures and the music should be inspirational. I hope we found the right beats.

So, check your sound system, (or put your earplugs on) sit down & relax.....and enjoy world-class bouldering along Norway’s beautiful coastline!

Special Thanks to Makossa&Megablast, Flip, Famara and the Billy Rubin Trio!

Northern Beats is available on Dvd ( 10,80.-euro & shipping  ) or download ( 6,80.-euro)



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