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My First Five Ten Blog - Luke Muller

My First Five Ten Blog - Luke Muller
My First Five Ten Blog - Luke Muller
October 31, 2011 -  Luke Muller    

So this is Luke Muller's first Five Ten post. What I aim to do with this post is to give an insight and clues to who I am, what I do and why I do it. My name is Luke Muller. I am twenty-seven years old and live in Calgary Canada. I have been climbing since I was four years old. My biggest inspirational people growing up have always been my brother and father. More inspirations I have is my very good friend Simon Villeneuve, who has been an inspiration both inside the climbing world and outside.


This season started just recently after several months off.  In the end of June I had a fall off a scree cliff and ended up tearing the skin pretty badly on my right wrist. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it afforded me the opportunity to rest up long enough to allow my tendons to heal properly. I have attached a picture of my wrist, WARNING it is pretty gruesome. Training started in September and I joined a team put together by the owner of my climbing gym, Walson Tai. The training has been pretty exhausting from the start.  Beginning with conditioning, including wind-sprints, 20-30 minutes on and off the wall and various other exercises. Training three times a week to the point of almost vomiting.  For those who have not pushed themselves that hard, it is actually very satisfying and rewarding.

We have now moved into strength training and seem to be doing push-ups and chin-ups non-stop.  Again this feels great afterwards. What I love about training this much the most is how hungry I am all the time.  I love eating so working up an appetite is amazing.  On that note it is time to eat again.  So this is where I will sign off.  I will write back again soon.


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