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Midwestern Autumn - Alex Johnson

Midwestern Autumn - Alex Johnson
Midwestern Autumn - Alex Johnson
October 27, 2011 - 

I briefly stopped back home in Wisconsin for a minute to attend a wedding during these last few hectic months, but the "doing" didn't quit. I saw another premier of Chuck Fryberger's newest flick "The Scene" at the Minneapolis showing. The difference this time was that my mother came along. Word of the wise to all of you out there, do not bring your mother to a movie featuring you. She will be obnoxiously proud...


A few days later my friend Pi, with the assistance of the Access Fund, put on a crag clean-up at Willow River State Park. It was a warmish sunny day for this late in the season up here, and although the trash collecting part wasn't my favorite, I sure had a lot of fun blazing the new snow-shoeing trail with part of the Vertical Endeavors Youth Climbing Team. Fritz came along to help of course. It's not every day you get permission to cut down a tree in a state park!!

Following that, I flew to Denver for the Native Eyewear National Sales Meeting, which was mostly just a lot of athletes and employers hanging out and getting to know each other, aka lots of fun. Maybe I missed the business parts...

I hung around Denver for a few days afterwards and went ROCK CLIMBING. Which was something I hadn't really done in quite a while.  It felt awesome to be outside so much, and really got me motivated on climbing again after the almost bitter resentment I felt towards the sport after the exhausting World Cup season. Of course I did a few boulders (V9/V10/V11 blah blah grades are arbitrary) but the best part was that I got to climb with great friends in two amazing new areas that I'd never been before and had a wonderful time. And THAT is what rock climbing should be about.

I'm back in Wisconsin again, just narrowly having missed the Colorado blizzard. Tomorrow I fly to Dallas for my second stop on the PCI Clinic Tour. I'll be accompanied by Kevin Jorgeson, Carlo Traversi and Paul Robinson. Should be fun!


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