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Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte

Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte
Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte
Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte
Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte
Austin City Limits - Chris Schulte
October 26, 2011 - 

The last time I was in Austin, the coolest thing that happened was hitting something like 14 green lights in a row with my dad. I was 11, so I couldn’t really take advantage of the blossoming nightlife. You could see the capitol building from anywhere in town; today, if it were a snake, it woulda bit me.


The return was Awesome. We immediately linked up with Clayton Reagan for food and beers, beginning our tour of Austin’s famous bars and food carts. They do not disappoint! We practiced a little moderation on night one- we were only up ‘til 1:00 AM to get up and out the door at 5:30 AM to beat the heat. Thick coffee, and we were off to a very quiet little limestone crag next to a trickling brook. The rock was nothing less than cool: 60-70 degree overhangs on pockets and pinches, mini tufas, and hueco-esque incut crimps. The cliff was short at the lip, maybe 40 feet, but due to the angle you get what seems like almost 65-70 feet of climbing. Needless to say, I got pumped and fell often, but had such a blast that I have put another action item on the list of things to do: learn to climb really steep limestone (I don’t mean Rifle-ish, this stuff is like that French biz..). Pretty inspirational.

After our little recon, we headed over to Reimer’s Ranch and balloned out a huge roof on ridiculous jugs of softballs, basketballs, stalactites, pockets, alien babies.. It was awesome. My sister came up for the day and watched us mokey around in the cave, and gifted me a big bag of smoked sausage from the home fires.. The dogs will be in my carry-on, I guess...

More food, more Lone Star beer, more awesome bars covered in art and smoke, grit and people. The heat and humidity mellows after the sun goes down and the town comes to life. Nevertheless it stays pretty warm, the air hangs thick, music and people cut through the smoke, mellowed by something that was coming back to me after years away from Texas... It surely made me think; mesquite barbeque and jalapenos, cold beer, awesome stone, cheap and amazing food, music, culture across a wide board...

Waking up at a leisurely 9 AM, we had the best barbequed ribs I’ve ever had, essentially for breakfast. Franklin’s opens at 10:30 and stays open until they run out of food at about 2:00 PM. We stood in a line that went out the door and down the stairs for over an hour. It was more than worth it, and we each came away with enough food for two more meals, for less than ten bucks.

Tomorrow morning, we head for the airport, and home to Colorado, and 6 inches of snow. Good thing I need rest!


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