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Summer and fall 2011 - Eva Pepin-Helie

Summer and fall 2011 - Eva Pepin-Helie
Summer and fall 2011 - Eva Pepin-Helie
Summer and fall 2011 - Eva Pepin-Helie
Summer and fall 2011 - Eva Pepin-Helie
October 26, 2011 - 

First of all, I could say that my summer was pretty busy. I worked during the whole summer in a climbing gym after being done with school. I decided to start doing personal training for customers at the gym Allez Up in Montreal. After a short period of time, I realized that I loved it and that was a good sideline before getting a job as a physical education teacher. I have more and more people to train and it seems beneficial for them. I won’t talk only about my job because other things happened to me. I got a really nice summer especially because I passed most of my days off in Kamouraska, a real paradise. I was doing 8 hours of driving every time I could. Being there is like being in paradise, and then you add climbing!! Imagine that!!It is just beside the Lawrence river and the scenery is amazing, one of the most beautiful sunset in the world.


The other nice thing was that my friend, Samuel lives there and I stayed at his beautiful house. In fact, he has a perfect lifestyle where he is working on his field as a miller. And the nicest part is that he has plenty of climbing crags and vineyard. During the whole summer I did couple of nice 13 a,b and c meanwhile I was eating grapes and good seafoods. But now the climbing season is over in Kamouraska because it is already to cold. The clock is ticking because in Quebec we only have a few weekends left. The last spring I fell at the last hold three times on my project a 14a but unfortunately this fall I might have to work on a other route because the access was shut down.


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