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Malniu we're back - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Malniu we're back - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
October 22, 2011 - 

There are no recent weeks in which we think will be the last in our journey to Malniu Bloquera has to rain,snow, etc., and can not decide, and every weekend where we went thought the same thing "this will last,with the first snow we run through the spring of 2012 "


So far it seems to be no, we'll see throughout the week if this last visit has already been the last, just in case almost every one of us has returned home with the homework done.

While Domenec wanted to know the pure drug block uncut, the few attempts that have left chainedsigning the fourth ascent, and Oscar after trying all possible methods to solve the problem, has finally found his method, and has left the block for the next visit, very very targeted.

Both Met and I had the homework done and just needed to find new stones and work on them, so this way we have come to work and ended up falling back problems, some very interesting.

-El bosque de la sabiduria 1ª Met, 2ª X.Noguer, 3ª Ferran , 4rt Oscar -Infiniti Crack 1ª Ferran -Leticia's crack (sit) 1ª Ferran -Camino de flores (sit-trav) 1ª Met, 2ª X. Noguer -La niña de la palmera (sit) 1ª Met, 2ª Ferran, 3ª Oscar -Pelea de gallos (sit) 1ª Met, 2ª Ferran, 3ª Oscar -Pop Corn problem (sit) 1ª Ferran -Pamela Chu (sit) 1ª Met

Unlike previous weeks the little snow that decorates the landscape has remained there until we returned with a temperature of 4 °, now if it appears that until next spring we will have to wait to see this landscape that has trapped us both ...... or not ..


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