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Malniu back again - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Malniu back again - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
October 16, 2011 - 

Last week we took for almost finished the season in Malniu boulder, three fingers of snow covered everything and if it was snowing again it was clear that this hour's drive to find and clean new lines whereyou would ride until the following spring, it seems be that this fall is giving us respite, our legs do nothing but walk and walk, Malniu is our new playground.


First an advance, Oscar, Leti, Guillem and I arrive around noon Met, Aleix Pol, my goal as I have very clear, chaining the project last week let-up, Arlet (sit), so to get to the lunch with my friends and moremats, I decided to give it a try to heat a little more, and without realizing I stand at the top of the block, leaving the mark on this beautiful line, without a doubt one of the best open so far and a tribute to the future to come.
Soon Pol Roca conducted the third ascent of Pure Drugs .... and after much insistence was made with the second ascent of Arlet (sit), we continue with first and second, changing method completely from last week I make the first ascent of Ganja's Corner right (sit), I repeat Met and Pol, while Leti be fighting withMini Double Arete (sit) and Pure Drugs qualifying Oscar goes ... with a very particular. Without going in the same stone made ​​the first ascent the Easy direct crack (sit).

Photo: Aleix Vilardebò
Photo: Aleix Vilardebò
Start sunset, a sign that we must begin to move towards the second lake Malniu, Met there with clean last week but several new problems due to time constraints we could not climb, it was not going to happen again was time to share our findings with our friends, there are four new lines chained from left to right:
Arete Moss (sit) 1st by Met, The Corner lake (sit) Met 1st, 2nd Pol, 3rd Ferran, 4rta Oscar, Murderer OfCrimps (sit) 1st Ferran, and Murderer of Edges (Sit) 1st by Met. Aleix enjoy the new finding that we teach, again the shining skin of your fingers wear and we were beginning to talk about projects and dreams as long as we're together all the troops certainly hope thesedays are eternal, we can continue to enjoy blocks the opening of a family and enjoy those roads lengthyback and forth always remembering the words to the 18:00 Met "we must guard forces to return", thereason is ...



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