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september/ october update - Kyle Francis

september/ october update - Kyle Francis
October 16, 2011 - 

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get outside this past month, and really the only highlights have been two indoor comps. I competed in a local bouldering comp middle of September to receive credit to qualify for bouldering regionals, and it went really well. I fell off the last move of their hardest route a good four or five times, which wasn’t ideal, but I was still psyched! I then competed in an adult competition with cash prizes where I placed second to Brian Anthunuiese, despite being pretty sick. other than those two comps I’ve just been climbing a lot on plastic, doing bouldering 4x4's and just sessioning, and feeling strong. I'm going to Arkansas the first weekend of November with the temps finally dropping to a tolerable level, so hopefully that will be a productive trip and I’ll have something exciting to blog about! Other than climbing, I’ve started coaching little kids Mondays and Wednesday. Coaching is a really unique job as a climber because you have to be able to practice what you preach so its taught me stuff, cause when it comes down to it, climbing always roots back to its basic fundamentals.


School is pretty awful, I’m in all honors and AP classes so I’ve been pretty swamped with work and finding free time is becoming harder and harder.... but I definitely have my priorities straight, climbing first, and then studying may or may not happen later, it depends on if there’s a rangers game (world series here we come!!!!!) on or anything else that can conveniently distract me. Despite my procrastination I'm still getting all high A's with some very lucky test taking skills. I understand that this has nothing to do with climbing but I feel compelled to tell this story. in my honors physics class we had a test and when the teacher called one minute left I realized not only did I have 5 out of 25 unanswered, but all of my bubbles were one off. Then to make it even more awesome I didn’t have an eraser. I ran up to my teacher’s desk and he then took his sweet time finding an eraser for me to borrow; I then erased all my answers, re bubbled, then straight guess on the five I didn’t answer. I scored a 97.

Anyways that’s pretty much been my life the past month, you stay classy. I’ll try to post photos slash videos from HCR!


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