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Ride with the Rep, Day 1 - Chris Schulte and Ronnie Jenkins

Ride with the Rep, Day 1 - Chris Schulte and Ronnie Jenkins
Ride with the Rep, Day 1 - Chris Schulte and Ronnie Jenkins
Ride with the Rep, Day 1 - Chris Schulte and Ronnie Jenkins
Ride with the Rep, Day 1 - Chris Schulte and Ronnie Jenkins
October 11, 2011 - 

Five Ten Sales Rep Ronnie Jenkins and Athlete Chris Schulte roll across the southern reaches..


Stepping out of the airport in Nashville, the Boulder Bubble popped. It’s too hot to sustain surface tension. The last time I was in Tennessee, Nirvana was new music- apparently, not much has changed, and that’s kind of a good thing. Ronnie picked me up, and we headed for Memphis. The Barbeque Shop is a hole-in-the-wall joint, pretty much in the middle of Memphis. The beef brisket is fatty and rich, the sauce is hot! A frosty-mug beer rounded out the sharp points. Funny enough, it made me miss the Smokin’ Yards, just down the hill from Mt. Evans.. Superior BBQ back home; I suppose everyone says that.

We crossed the Mississippi (I sang the song in my head to spell that) and shacked up in a hotel that was about 90 degrees in the lobby, drinking a six pack and watching a few consecutive episodes of 1000 Ways to Die (dubious..), and about half of the Green Mile. I’ve not had TV connected in my house since I was a lad, so the whole thing is kinda wild. I’m a little wierded out by the average string of commmercials: disgusting fast food bacon cheese fried onion burger, followed by exercise “equipment” that helps you do sit-ups and push-ups (you need equipment for those?), followed by prescription medication commercials, usually for heart conditions.. No one notices this string? Why do YOU need to ask about froxypraxalone sulfamexalide? Are doctors just sales reps now?

Anyhoo, the AC works down here, everywhere. Car, hotel, coffee shop. Even in October, which seems a little warm (?).. Is it because I’ve been living in Colorado for almost twenty years?

Now, after hotel waffles and a couple of westward hours, we’re having a coffee in Little Rock, AR- home of Bill Clinton and Wal-Mart. I’m looking forward to stretching the plane and car time out of me at the Little Rock Climbing Center here in a few hours, before we start up the shoe demo. Then it’s on to Oklahoma City via Tulsa (and a visit with buddy Josh Haynes, former Hueco guide and 5.10 athlete), to climb in those grain silos I’m sure you’ve seen. Should be pretty wild.

Sailing across amber waves of grain..


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