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Going back to ‘5.10’ - Andreas Mölk

Going back to ‘5.10’ - Andreas Mölk
September 16, 2011 - 

To the bravest brand in the world!

I'm writing you a blog. Yes that's right, a modern-fashioned blog. That's an overestimated tool, really, like digital p**n.


As summer passes by, the question comes up, what's next? I suppose I try to get my life back in some old-fashioned climbing order, meas, doing what I can do best: travelling, dynoing and drinking. Not in this particular order (sometimes I found out, I need to drink before trying some crazy-once-in-a-lifetime-never-doing-again-serious-illness-possible highballs or flying with unknown-unprofessional-looking African or Asian airlines) but - and this is the most important thing - outside, in the 'real' and not in the digital world.

So before my arms are exploding form to much campus-training, I need to get on tour again. I mean, I would not have to train. During summer I could also stayed at home and shoot the s***; but to be honest, this period made me soft: too much training, too much drinking too much stuff I can't remember and forget at the same time (as Lemmy Kilmster used to say). Once, I could do easily 'five.ten' a week: five days campus + rocking outside on the slippery boulder problems, during drinking and stuff I can't remember and forget at the same time - worldwide! And now, in the morning I can get my a** barely out of bed for some good old-fashioned campus sessions. Shame on me! But as it looks, the gods habe seen fit to give me another shot. So I am good and ready for fall and winter, for Spain and India: physically, mentally and financially!


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