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My last week in Colorado - Tim Rose

My last week in Colorado - Tim Rose
My last week in Colorado - Tim Rose
My last week in Colorado - Tim Rose
September 13, 2011 -  Tim Rose    

I am about to round off my second trip to CO in the next week.  I have been spending the last 4 weeks in Fort Collins and Boulder CO meeting new people, climbing, visiting friends and seeing as much as possible.  The first part of my trip was plagued with warm temperatures and more rain than CO has had in the past 20 years but all that aside I have been fortunate to be able to spend so much time here climbing.  I have been spending most of my time in RMNP however; I have visited Vedauwoo WY, Horestooth, Endo, Boulder Canyon along with other places to get a feel for the climbing diversity around CO.


It is incredible all the variety and the quantity of climbing around here.  If the weather is cold at altitude in RMNP or Mt. Evans you have so much to choose from at lower elevations you can stay busy all year climbing new boulders.  Its still too warm for the low lying areas around the Front Range but the climbing in lower chaos has been getting better over the past week.  Highs have been in the mid 60's with temperatures hovering around the 40's in the morning and evenings.  I am hoping to finish up some projects before I have to travel back east for the Nor'Easter competition on September 23rd and 24th.  I have been spending time training with Justin Edl, Zach Lerner, Brad Jackson and others trying to get in comp shape.  The competition will be strong so I can only hope that these guys can whip me in shape.  I am sad I have to leave but I am psyched to get back to Colorado as soon as possible.


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