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University of Colorado and coaching internship - Sierra Carroll

University of Colorado and coaching internship - Sierra Carroll
September 13, 2011 - 

So I am just beginning my third week of school at the University of Colorado Boulder and am finally in the swing of things just soon enough to start taking midterm exams next week. Not only have I completed my first two weeks as an Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Colorado but I have also just finished the first two weeks of my new coaching internship with the Boulder Rock Club.


Beginning my third week of college has given me the time to meet many new people from all backgrounds and lifestyles. One of the best parts about getting to meet new people at the University is being able to talk with them and find out how many people have climbed before and would love to have the opportunity to climb more. Unlike many universities CU is unique in its location and climate in that there are a good amount of students who are discovering rock climbing or trying to become more involved in it. This has given me the opportunity to talk with people of all different perspectives and encourage them to climb more as well as to find times when we can climb with my fellow students.

Another neat aspect about the town of Boulder and the climbing community related to the University is the people you see at school from the gym or at the gym who are also students. But it was just this past Saturday when I was reminded that it isn't just students that I know that are interested in rock climbing but also many of the professors. Saturday morning I had the opportunity to climb with one of the professors from the History department at the University of Colorado. It is experiences such as this, along with observing how many eager students there are on campus who have a desire to climb, that remind me how exciting it is for climbing to be an up and coming sport. I am very excited to see how much more the sport grows in the next ten years. Looking back on the past eight years which I have climbed and competed I can see how much the sport has grown and see how amazing it is to see more and more people become excited and interested in rock climbing. This growth and excitement can also be viewed in the climbing communities youth programs such as the micro team which I am helping to coach at Boulder Rock Club this semester.

Not only have I completed my first two weeks at the University but in my new job as a coaching intern and instructor at the Boulder Rock Club. Over the past five years or so I have competed and trained off and on with the BRC team and am now beginning to coach the up and coming micro team, as well as also being an instructor for other groups. This job has been a great learning experience as well as great fun as I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences of climbing with the next generation. I look forward to seeing how the kids progress along with how I am able to help further the sport of rock climbing by climbing with and teaching other CU students to climb.


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