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3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans

3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans
3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans
3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans
3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans
3rd at the world championship in Imst - Loic Timmermans
August 31, 2011 -  Loic Timmermans    

This weekend ended on World Championship in Imst, which was pretty hot ... With climatic variations from 30 to 7, climbers from 5 continents and the key, a bronze medal!


The championship took place over three days, Thursday the first way of qualification, the second route Friday qualifying, Saturday morning's semifinals and the finals Saturday night.

Skills took place under the scorching sun with 30 °. We therefore sought shade under umbrellas, ... and when we had time, we went swimming in the fresh lake to cool slightly. The first two days can seem pretty cushy but with all the stress, heat, ... accompanying 2-way, that tired anyway!

As only 6 minutes in qualifying, the tracks stopped before the roof and were quite short. Not my style then, but I fall on top of two ways and am after qualifying ninth in the 26 and qualified for the semifinals.

Saturday, the big day, a rain cloud stops over the wall from early morning. The semi-final is in custody and isolation lies in the large interior room of Imst. Time to climb is 8 minutes and stop means provided near the top of the wall. But the incessant rain to impose openers off the end of the tracks before the final part of the wall. The reading is delayed several times and we just hope to climb this half! Finally, you can go read it, it runs to the outside wall which is 100m from the room and find our way. Although technical in the beginning then in force in the roof! I have time to warm up and even make a way, but the rain is accompanied by the cold! So we leave the gloves, pants, jacket, umbrella (against rain this time). A van is available to travel between the insulation and the wall.

It's my turn, I managed to keep me warm from the road quite confident. The start is going very well despite the rope made jellies and wet ... I come quickly enough in the roof and I am surprised by a quickdraw, I go for the clip but the catch slip, wet, ... So never mind, I go and will reach a decision later.

I finished fifth in the half and am in the 8 finalists! Stress drops, place the recovery before the final! But the rain continues and the rumor that the final will be postponed to the next. We are waiting at the hotel watching the snow falling high in the mountains and finally the rain stops and the finish has held this evening!

Here we go again, insulation, heating, ... You can go read the tracks without too much delay and this time the paths end at the top of the wall. My last category climb at 20:30 and it was therefore time. Then you go, one must give is the grand finale. I try again to stay as hot as possible, but by starting in my way, I take even more taken cold in half!

I go for better or worse on the road and passes the movement block. I try to stop somewhere to warm up and blow at once. Then I'll stop over and falls to the crux which has dropped a lot of juniors, two possibilities open to me or take the bidoigts, either hidden behind a reversed module. I hesitate, I look at the falls and eventually reversed by looking for the bidoigts.

I am currently second behind the Russian in the final and final qualifier that has touched the invers. If only I had touched this reversed! Too bad, up to the expectation and finally after a few climbers, the podium is guaranteed! Domen Skofic But everyone will agree by chaining the way! So stoked to have been able to glean a few places in the final and finished in 3rd place!

After my silver medal last year it is certainly not a disappointment since I rode in a class cadets.

Congratulations to Anak Verhoeven, who in a weird way, before they fall to show his potential!

Compete so nice and already looking forward to next year to Singapore!

Now a little rest and then back in training for the Senior World Cup in Puurs in Belgium, it will be my first experience in the big leagues!


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