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South Africa 2011 - Sebastien Lazure

South Africa 2011 - Sebastien Lazure
South Africa 2011 - Sebastien Lazure
South Africa 2011 - Sebastien Lazure
August 27, 2011 -  Sebastien Lazure    

Just got back from South Africa!
Second year out there and I can't get enough! We (my girlfriend, her sister and I) went to Rocklands for another 2 months, Bringing with us a 7 friends and 2 babies all psyched from the movie I did from my last year trip! Every one was working there problems and we were all supportive to each other! we had a great energy all together and it was plenty of fun to travel with them! we did some activities between the days on like going on a safari, playing golf for the firsrt time at the De Pakhuys tournament, went on a winery route for some free wine tasting, hiked the Table Mountain, etc.


It was a bit different this year for me on the side of projecting boulder problems. Having done pretty much every thing that was my style and that I could do quickly, I had to work on problems that I was at first less comfortable with.
First one to go down was Green Mamba V12) That I tried once last year and did'nt return since this year. It was pretty much my only regret from last year cause it suited well my strenghts and I knew it.

Then I started to to Work my weaknesses with Ray of Light (V13) Wich is for sure on of the most inspiring climb I've seen yet! A cave with 45ishh degree angle, an amazing looking sandstone, large moves progressing diagonally up right on cool holds and all that lighted by the  orange sunset! What else do you want? I had tried it last year and couldn't figure it out and wasn't able to move from the start... So I worked all moves separately for the first day and worked on some small link at my second.. It was a weird process since I was progressing on some parts and regressing on others everyday I worked it. I finally sent it on my fifth day on, one of my longest project.

I also did Witness the sickness (V11) that I tried las year and I wasn’t conceiving sending it! Same for Gliding through the Waves (V11), Barracuda (V11) and some other ones.

The last big project of my trip was Fragile Steps (V13) a super low roof with small holds, small moves and very body tension opened by Daniel Woods in 2008. From what I know it have only seen few repeats. It's went down after a strenuous 7 days of effort. It is for sure the most frustrating problem I did.

at my first session I couldn't even lift myself of the ground on the majority of the moves. After the second I had pretty much all moves and after the 3rd had linked the boulder in two parts. From there every day I went up there I was going for sending but never sent till the 7th day cause of my heel hook slipping all the time! The Knob I was putting my heel on was kind of sharp and was slowly destroying my shoe, the reason why I sent is that I finally took the left Team of my girlfriend wich was not destroyed and sent it first go.... Finally! maybe it wouldn't have been so long if I had figure it out sooner! anyway!

Overall, it was again a very nice trip with some great friends! I think it was a very succesfull one since I've worked a lot on my weaknesses and have probably learned a lot. It's now pretty hard to come back in montreal and going back to school. I can't wait fo the next adventure! maybe Switzerland or somewhere in Europe this next summer or a short one during winter break...  Now let's do some editing of the large amount of footage I got and some training for the comp season.




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