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Straight after Orbayu but still in the hospital - Adam Pustelnik

Straight after Orbayu but still in the hospital - Adam Pustelnik
Straight after Orbayu but still in the hospital - Adam Pustelnik
August 25, 2011 -  Adam Pustelnik    

Well, there's already been some info added on the site by Nico (I was already in the hospital by that time) here about our little adventure in Picos. Now It's just about time for me to make clear on what's up:)


Orbayu was great.Really. Much of this thanks to the fact that I just had to firght on it like I haven't for a long time.Really really great. And the pitches are soo nice. It's just funky when you finish up the cruxy part and it turns out there's still more than 200m to do:) It's not anything hard and every time we were doing it, most of the stuff we would simul climb. It's just that it doesn't let you forget you're in a 500m wall:)

Than, when Orbayu was done we wanted to get all our attention on a project of free climbing an old aid route to the left. Since we've already spend some time on it and managed to see in terms of free climbing all pitches but the third, we fought of taking the project in our hands fast and finishing it.
The day of my accident was the day for us to solve the third pitch and make ourselves the way for free climbign it all. The first pitch we knew very well. Myslef I've already climbed it two times seconding and both knew the pro and the moves quite well. We've project graded it 7b and both with Nico and Sean Villanueva had the opinion that the rock is solid on it. Well looking back it seems like it wasnt:)

I went up around 20m. had 3 pieces of pro, when a sidepull broke and I went flying. This at least is the last thing I remember. I have a small feeling of Deja Vu about a pin that goes pop, but not 100% shure of this. Anyway what happened is all the pieces ripped and I fell onto a rocky ridge, bounced of it onto some grassy ledgy things and got stopped by the belayer from falling lower.

The following 10 minutes are out of my memory. Nico and Bernadro say I had my eyes open but was waggling back and forth whithout a clue. Nico ran fast to the refuge for the heli to arrive and pick me up to the hospital, and just by the time he returned, I was concious again. Most of all asking what happened and not understanding the accident:)

I broke sacrum, sternum and L1 vertebra. This ment having a operation in the hospital of Oviedo, and recovering. Now it's already been a week after the surgery. I have 6 scres in my spine, that will be taken out after a years time, and I fell definitelly happy to be alive. After such a fall the statistics say pnly of 50% chance of surviving. So it's really good in fact.

Now I'm still waiting for the Polish side to organize my transport bask home. There I'll probably stay some more time in the hospital before begining the rehabilitation. And this might take some time - like 3 months:)

All for now and for some photos from the trip check out the new album here.
All the best and in touch:)


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