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Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave

Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave
Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave
Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave
Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave
Weather... it's following us!!! - Tahnée Seagrave
July 26, 2011 -  Tahnée Seagrave    

This week end was a Rhône Alpes Cup, at Morillon, a race that our bike club organizes - usually quite well attended with some fast racers and a good field of girls.


It was a new track that ended in the village which was great for spectators. It has been raining here in the French Alps for the past 2 weeks there has been breaks of sunshine but nothing that would dry out a mountain bike track. Another complete mudfest which was a real shame as the track could have really flowed in the dry - there were sections of uphill that were made un-rideable in the weather!!

Kaos was the opening rider (still too young to race) so he got to train all weekend with me which was fun. There was a few technical bits on the track and by the end of training on Saturday I had nailed them all even the really sketchy road gap - Mum was stoked as she was a marshal at that point on the track!

With it being so muddy, it was really good to be able to drive the 1 hr home for a long hot shower at the end of training!

Race day and Kaos opened the race coming down in a 4.53 with a couple of crashes so pleased for him as it would have put him 3rd in the 13-14 category! Errrrrr it was also faster than my terrible 5.12!!! My run didn't go as planned - I was last girl to go… which isi  great in one way but means that I have to overtake so many people!!! I caught up at least five girls that were piled on the floor within the first 2 mins! I even had to stop and wait, as two had crashed in a corner after a steep bit. After that  was the road gap, it was so slippery that pedalling in to it I  ended up facing the opposite way!!

I then had chance to push a bit… coming into the last tight wood section that was quite fast, I saw two girls. Managing to get round them both, I was pinning it out into the open when I hit more mud and went flying - passed again by the two girls!! I was over it! Picked up my bike, and headed for the finish line overtaking the girls - again. I was second in Elite female.

In the second round it was not so eventful - the mud had turned to thick gloup and when I got to the start all the girls were there. Someone asked if I wanted to go first which I jumped at! A couple of slide outs and a few paddling moments but I got down in a 4.45 beating all the girls and Kaos - much happier!!

Next week - Nissan European Cup and the weather looks good!!!!!!!


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