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Competition ends - Adam Pustelnik

Competition ends - Adam Pustelnik
July 19, 2011 -  Adam Pustelnik    

As the competition in Chamonix ended a new part of the trip began. But first things first.


As the routesetter for the competition it's hard to find some additional time to keep a blog updated every day. Hopefuly that does not change the fact that you take part in it and your emotions are connected to what heppens on "the stage".

The elimination round took place in two locations. On the smaller but more steep wall inside the ENSA gym, and a longer requireing more stamina than power. Due to this the first round of the competition promoted more all around climbers with both power stamina and stamina.

As the lead eliminations finished it was time for the fast cimbers to come onto the stage. With a little bit of organizational problems, the public could see some realy fast climbs with a European World record from the young polish girl Ola Rudzińska, and a world record run from Siergiej Abdakhmanow. I've posted it on You Tube and You can check it out here. Well its really fast to climb that wall in less than 7 seconds.

On wednesday the weather got really bad and the semis had to be stopped for a short moment to change the wet holds for some dry ones, and provide additional shelter from the rain. As they've finished two surprises accured. One was not seeing Adam Ondra after a bad mistake in the roof. Second was having 8 girs on top of their semi final route. With no super finals any more in the World Cup, this was a thing to start worrying about for us.

Late evening finals fortunatelly didnt get as much rain as it was said in the forecasts, and vast public managed to gather around on the Mont Blanc square. It was a great show for the public, and for the mens route. Unfortunatelly not for the routesetters and the girls since four of them topped out and had to share the first place on the podium.

It's never good when a route doesn't work. If it's too easy nobody wins, and  if it's too hard there's no show. Besides you can never feel  good about it as a routesetter. Well but theese mistakes happen. And you can never be free of them, as there is no algorythm for setting a great competition. There's alway a lot of things to say after, but the most important one is to learn form the situation and avoid it in the future.
Well this ended and I'll finally have some time to climb.

All for now.
keep strong


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