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Learning The Ropes - Brett Smrz

Learning The Ropes - Brett Smrz
July 17, 2011 -  Brett Smrz    

I just got back from Rockreation a few minutes ago. We had a good climbing session tonight. I was working on moving up the bouldering grades, and I have made it to the v2's on day 3. I’m really working hard to learn quickly, build strength, and endurance. My hands are tearing apart right now. They are starting to look like mummy hands with all of the tape I have on my fingers!


I’ve had a really great time learning all of the different techniques of climbing. My main focus at the moment is to build up my core strength, as that is my weak point. I have decent upper body strength, so that is what I’ve been banking on.

I should be heading back out to climb on Monday, and I will write another blog then. I was out at Willow Springs all day yesterday testing a 450cc Super Motard on the kart track. My friend Jimmy has been teaching me how to ride a bike. Two wheels is for sure a lot different from four, but I am getting the hang of it really quickly! As for the four wheels, I am looking into buying a Nissan 350Z for a track car. I’m searching online for one, as I’m writing this blog! Hopefully I can get back out on the big track soon.

Thanks go out to Five Ten for the awesome shoes they’ve provided me. Also, big thanks to Marina Campana for helping me learn how to climb. She is teaching me how to climb, and I am going to teach her how to drive a go-kart fast and how to drive a stick shift. Pretty fair trade if you ask me!

I'll have pictures to submit for next time, so stay tuned!

Brett Smrz


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