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Maryhill Festival of Speed 11 - Martin Siegrist

Maryhill Festival of Speed 11 - Martin Siegrist
July 12, 2011 -  Martin Siegrist    

Martin Siegrist competed at the Maryhill Festival of Speed in Goldendale WA. He earned 6th place but actually rolled over the finish line second....


Wippermann photo

Practise and timetrials

The first few days at Maryhill were really windy! My GPS showed a top speed of nearly 70km/h right before cowzers and the repeaters suddenly became challenging.

The timetrials were a bit of a random game with wind changing from slight tailwind to no wind at all and unfortunately headwind during my first run. Quite a few top riders got slow times and new names popped up in the top 10. I can be happy with my second run where I improved 3 seconds. The final standings were as follows: 

1 Ramón Königshausen 3:08.983
2 James Kelly 3:09.325
3 Zen Shikaze 3:09.473
4 Joshua Torres 3:10.036
5 Martin Siegrist 3:10.748
6 Max Wippermann 3:11.111

IGSA full qualifying results

On Saturday late afternoon the top 6 qualifiers competed in a King of the Hill race. It was a fun run with completely opposite wind compared to the strong tailwind conditions we experienced in practise. I got third behind James and Zen.

Max Dubler photo


It was my third year at the Maryhill Festival of Speed and once again I made it into the finals!

Unfortunately Zen chose to take a weird line for the last corner which left me very little space on his inside. I tried to avoid a crash but Zen slid, crashed and entered a protest. The IGSA decided that I caused the incident, however if Zen rode raceline instead of timetrial line all this would not have happened!

It's a fact that if you don't take the inside at any of the Maryhill corners, the guy right behind you will take it. Period!

Click on the image to read what the Skatehousethinks about the incident. 

IGSA race report


Full trip report on


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