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Bishop Spring 2011 (Giovanni Traversi & Tiffani Canevari)

Bishop Spring 2011 (Giovanni Traversi & Tiffani Canevari)
June 28, 2011 -  Giovanni    

The past few months have been going good for me and my girlfriend Tiffani. We recently have made another trip to Bishop. During our trip i made a ton of progress on figuring out Mandala (V12) now that the hold has broke. I realized i can still grab the edge even though it is broken.


My closest go on this trip was i made it through the start and fell going to the big flake out right, i have decided it will most likely go down on my next trip to Bishop. And once i send the stand start i will work Mandala Sit (V13). I also made a ton of progress on The Buttermilker Sit (V13). i was able to stick the huge right move bump to the slopey dish! So now i have done every single move on the problem....i just have to put it all together!! i will hope to send that next trip also! I got on Spectre (V13) on one of our last climbing days of the trip.

It felt hard for me but with the right shoes, which would be the Five Ten Projects, so i can jam them in the start jug properly, the problem will hopefully go soon as well. I was able to get my fingertips of my left hand on the very edge of the third hold, but id fall out of the start jug with my feet, i was pretty tired by the end of the session so i decided to wait till next trip to give it some more goes. After you make direct contact with the third hold, you have to release your foot from the start jug, hold the very tenuous swing, match the left hand edge which becomes fairly good, make a right hand move to a good crimp then, top out the boulder on a tall slab with a good landing. I know this problem is very possible for me.

So my projects that i want to send next trip to Bishop are as follows: The Mandala (V12),The Buttermilker Sit (V13), Spectre (V13), The Swarm (V14), Xavier's Roof (V11), The Mandala Sit (V13), Direction (V13). My girlfriend Tiffani Canevari. Made a ton of good progress this trip as well. Her projects are the highball, Jedi Mind Tricks (V4), which she was able to make her way through the dicey start moves, almost sticking the good part of the flake,but wasn't able to this trip. once she sticks the bottom of the upper flake, she will be on her way to the top of the wall. She also made a ton of progress on Pain Grain (V5). Along with an ascent of Birthday Direct (V3). She has sent Green Wall Direct (V6), in the Buttermilks, and is motivated to start working on High Plains Drifter (V7), and Soul Slinger (V9).Problems Tiffani wants to do this next trip are Jedi Mind Tricks (V4), Pain Grain (V5), Bowling Pin (V4), and work on High Plains Drifter (V7) and Soul Slinger (V9).

Thats About It For Bishop!! More News To Come Soon!


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