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Himalaya Adventure - Bernd Zangerl

Himalaya Adventure - Bernd Zangerl
Himalaya Adventure - Bernd Zangerl
Himalaya Adventure - Bernd Zangerl
June 06, 2011 -  Bernd Zangerl    

Either you like it or hate it! India is a country of diversity. 1,2 Mrd. inhabitants, 34 official languages, more than 100 dialects. Hinduism, Buddhism and many other religious groups are living together peacefully. The big cities are very chaotic. It’s dirty, loud and hot. The air is so polluted, that it’s hard to breathe.


On the other hand you see people living in the mountains like 200 years ago in european Alps.There you find quietness and untouched wild nature. I liked it from the very beginning. The people, their culture and their history can tell you many stories when you listen to them. After some days I learned, that it’s not a big chaos….it’s life. The idea to visit India came during a nice dinner with Paul and Barbara in innsbruck. Paul already visited India and he told me from the mountains, lonely valleys, the people living there and from boulders he has seen somewhere during a descent from a 6000m peak.

I arrived in India a few months later. In april 2010 I was climbing in the Kullu Valley together with Fred Nicole and Elie Chevieux. I fell in love with this country from the first time and went back in summer 2010 with my brother Alex, Julia, Belinda and Valentin. We explored more of Himachal Pradesh, visited Spiti and other areas. But it was raining a lot, and most of the boulders we found stayed unclimbed. I went back this year with Manuel Ladner and also Fred and Mary visited us for some weeks. This time we have been able to solve some of the projects.

Namaste. Bernd


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