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Brion Voges Survives the Oklahoma Twisters

Brion Voges Survives the Oklahoma Twisters
May 26, 2011 -  Brion Voges    

A little run in with some bad Oklahoma weather.

Well Oklahoma was a bust. As we crossed the state line from Arkansas we became aware of several LARGE STORMS HEADING EAST ALONG THE I-40 CORRIDOR/DIRECTLY AT US. One had already put down several tornados in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. We decided it would be best to get off the interstate in Sallisaw and WAIT OUT THE STORMS before continuing on to Tulsa (our day’s destination). We never made it to Tulsa.


We ended up at the local WALMART reading magazines and messing around with the digital cameras. For 3 hours… We heard that the storm would be clearing up by 10 pm and so at 10 Ronnie and I walked back out to the van amidst the most impressive LIGHTENING STORM I’ve ever seen. We were both nervous about the drive and after a few minutes Ronnie decided that we would be spending the night at the Super 8 down the street. It wasn’t 20 minutes after we checked in that the POWER WENT OUT, the wind started up and HAIL BEGAN beating on the window.

We walked downstairs to check out the situation and there was a small crowd gathered in the hotel’s lobby. Several people were on their phones getting storm reports from friends and relatives with electricity. TORNADO SIGHTINGS were being made in towns all around us. Fortunately, an hour later the hail stopped and the power came back on. We were RELIEVED AND EXHAUSTED. Time to rest up.


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