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Dave Graham - A little update about life and future trips!

Dave Graham - A little update about life and future trips!
Dave Graham - A little update about life and future trips!
May 24, 2011 -  David Graham    

Well, this should be my first  blog on the Five Ten site, and I am proud to be a part of this online community! I guess I have no real excuse for not having written more things here in the past, but there is a time and a start for all good things in life, and this one commences from here forth.


I suppose i will commence by filling everyone in to some extent, the current events and goings-on in in my life.

So. I got this flu like 4 days ago, and it has been fer real! I was shocked to get such a fever, and feel so disoriented, but luckily a friend had the same virus, which gave me confidence the malady was not some heinous tick/mosquito induced disease(like Rocky Mtn Fever, or West Nile?) which quelled actual fears at least. But WOW! This time the sickness hit hard! I am really happy to be on the mend today, not shivering on my couch battling the aches and pains, and cant WAIT to get outside once I feel up to it!

Getting sick wasn't the end of the world at least. Colorado has been covered in this Congo-esque weather blanket, and things have been saturated with wetness and mist for the past two weeks straight. Inevitably, someone will always be checking the webcam, and solemnly report that its its raining, again, in the park. The 7 o'clock news  mentioned it was a record rainfall for the month of May, which can be a good thing. Last year, the whole city almost burned down from the drought which took place, and it was really bad. And unsettling.

I am currently residing in Boulder, Colorado, even though I recently attempted to move to no avail. I was planning on making a trip to Europe for most of the summer, and would've been attempting to live in Switzerland for the fall, but this is most likely not going to happen. I have just learned (the hard way) that I have some immigration issues to overcome, before I can return to the Schengen Union. I must stress, I have done nothing wrong, and am not being punished in anyway, but apparently there has been some beuracratic mishandling, which has left me pretty empty-handed. Sometimes its better not to fight giant systems, I have been thinking, but we will see how this pans out. In the worst case I get to come back and climb to my hearts content starting next June.

The world is massive at least, and I have been to so few places in my own country, and to so few continents, this should be a great chance to catch up!

Thus, to start rapping game-plans here, one of my passions, heres the deal. Most-likely (always subject to change) I am going to be moving out Boulder pretty soon now. The alpine bouldering season will begin any moment now (as long as the snow does not melt and flood all of us.) I am also really excited to go to Rifle and try some of the projects and routes bolted by my buddy Joe Kinder. He was really syked on the stuff he put up last season, and I never paid homage to see how everything climbed. Now its time to bring 5.15a to Rifle, and maybe get some .14d action up in that canyon as well. Jon Cardwell and I are going to be on the attack, along with Matty Hong and Ian Dory as well. It should be a great crew, and we just hope this monsoon season ebbs a bit, and we can have a fair fighting chance! I am also hell-bent on bolting routes at the Fortress, and in some of the Alpine spots around here; hard granite sport routes are gonna make a comeback around here :)

In June, I am going to be competing at a big climbing competition in NYC. It is a joint Eastern Mountain Sports, Five Ten event, which are my two main sponsors, so I am REALLY excited to be a part of it! I can't wait to be in NYC again, its been ages, and I will even train in the gym (its not too sunny and dry) to try and get some fitness to hopefully at least qualify for finals (the last two UBC comps I did, I punted severely, and failed making it to finals! aw man!) After the comp I get to go visit the homies at EMS, then visit my family, which is rad, for a week!

Come July, Rifle will be in full effect, and there is a secret media project in the works, which I will tell more about as I know, that revolves around shooting for a TV show!

I will be spending a lot of my time stateside over the next year, which will be AMAZING, and there are some places that in all my 14 years of rock climbing, I have still never visited in on our gigantic North American continent. Just to mention a few places I am really excited to focus on, which are already well known areas: Yosemite, Squamish, Smith Rock and Hueco? Oh YEAH!

After the July comes to an end, I am off to Australia, which will be absolutely amazing! I would love to climb at the Taipan wall, the Hollow Mountain Cave, and all this business around Syndey. If i'm lucky I will make it up to New Zealand, but thats still not set in stone. We will be filming all along for our new feature film from the Island, with Nathan Bancroft. I am going to be headed to Mt Clark in September to try Jumbo Love, which I am really looking forward to. I've tried this amazing line over a couple days years ago when it was still a project, and I have confidence after years of training on "giant" routes, that I may have a fighting chance. At the end of that month, I will head to Nor' Easter, and I can leave the plans at that. What follows is yet to be determined, but most CERTAINLY includes a trip to China in October for Petzl's next RocTrip.

I will keep you all updated as to what goes down in the next week to come. It should be finally drying up here in the Front Range, and I should be un-flu-ed by tomorrow, and have vanquished yet another Influenza virus (they will never get me) If it stays wet round these parts, I am heading out of town. With the fire.


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