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Saint-Léger du Ventoux et Chapelle Saint-Gras

Saint-Léger du Ventoux et Chapelle Saint-Gras
May 08, 2011 -  Téo Genecand    

I went to Saint-Léger du Ventoux for the eastern holidays, that was great! For boulder amator's who might want to go there, prepare yourself to get pumped! I was myself not that much prepared for routes that long, so I broke my teeth on "Le mur des 6 clopes". I wasn't able to send it in the two days five tries I devoted to it... It's such a great line, with a pumpy 20meters start in jugs and big overhang, followed by the 5 last meters resistance crux.


I didn't want to spend all my climbing day in the same route, would it be as beautiful as this one, so I went to the North face, sending "El dragon" a bouldery 8b (which difficulty has in my mind nothing in common with the much harder "le mur des 6 clopes" 8b/b+) a nice route despite the rock of lesser quality. I also failed sending on sight "Black mamba", wrong choice in the last crux move... I climbed a bit in the south wall, where "la farce tranquille" aimed my attention (second go). Concerning the weather, it was quite uncertain : we had rain and sun every days!

Summary of the trip : great cliff, not so great shape, and mixed weather ;)

When I got back home, I went trying a line in "la chapelle saint-gras" a bouldery/resistance 8b+/c of 12meters. I had fell two times near the top after the crux in the 7c+ of exit just before my holidays, and this time I sent it! (12tries). So psyched as I wasn't sure to be able to link again the lesser crux! Now it's time to focus on my law school exam's before the summer!

Have fun climbing,



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