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Wet rock, or dry plastic...?

Wet rock, or dry plastic...?
April 20, 2011 -  Patrick Krieger    

Rock climbing trips! I mean, Plastic pulling sessions...

Someone put the Northeast on a freeze/thaw loop and bumped it up 20 odd- degrees. Every other day it rains, and, intermittently, 60 degree temps seem to want to shine through. Even worse is how quickly the forecast shifts. Psyched on a 4 day escape to the Gunks, I packed my tent and bag for the bus (my car being in disrepair), only to be rained on for an hour as the bus arrived late, and, drove past me.


No worries, right?  Maybe this week I'll get up, aside from the forecast saying its going to downpour.  If it can change quick enough to mess my plans up, maybe it can work in reverse too...

So, quite a lot of plastic crushing goes on to fill in for real rock right now.  My gyms steepest wall got a revamp (and we brought the campus board back out!), but since it didn't turn into Catskill conglomo-rock overnight I can only daydream about real climbing as I dazedly go through the maneuvers here.  Staring at neon tape every day is good for comp climbing though, I hear, and if it comes down to no outside exposure, I might have to turn my eyes to just that; aside from the uneasiness it lends me.  Its fun with a group of friends (and who doesn't love a visit from the Red Bull girls?), but I guess the competitive nature just isn't in me.  Maybe it comes from only being to two or three comps, but I usually bring a second bag of chalk for my palms to sweat through...


Regardless of the slow gym climbing, I feel strong, and still motivated to be climbing.  I've taken long, sporadic breaks from climbing in the past, but that seems not to be the case this time around.  Nothing foreseeable is going to stifle my enthusiasm for a long, long time!



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