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Hollywood Finds Trotter

Hollywood Finds Trotter
April 15, 2011 -  Five Ten    

After a trip to Red Rocks for the 8th annual Red Rock Rendezvous Sonnie Trotter returned home to find himself on a movie set.  Although he can't release the name or any details of the movie at this time, he will say that he's enjoying the new and rather overwhelming experience.  Trotter got a phone call one day from a friend who works in the industry, and asked him if he wanted to partake.  "I thought about it for a few days because I wasn't sure that's a route I wanted to go down, but then after some consideration and open talks with friends, it seemed like a fun opportunity and something I can potentially learn from and build on."


"Besides, many of my heroes in the climbing world have done this at some point, like Wolfgang Gullich and Ron Kauk, along with Barry Blanchard and even Jerry Lopez the legendary surfer has done a big screen appearance, so I thought why not?"Trotter claims that watching how the stunt team set up their rigging system was an "eye opener" and hopes to increase his own climbing productions with these new found tricks. "they take their job very seriously, safety first, and set up for days just to get one perfect moment"."The best part is that I get to do what I do best, outside, which is climb rocks.  I'll have no speaking part, I'm more like a stunt double than an actor, so it's perfect for me, because I hate talking on camera.  And the part that's even better, I get to wear my own clothes, so I felt comfortable and my shoes were Anasazi Velcro's, still one of my favorite all around shoes ever."

There's no official time line for the movie release, but may be as far away as 2012.  We'll report more then with further details.  In the meantime, enjoy the experience Sonnie, and we look forward to you're own real life climbing clips this summer.


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