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Adam Pustelnik Greetings from Catalunya

Adam Pustelnik Greetings from Catalunya
Adam Pustelnik Greetings from Catalunya
April 09, 2011 -  Adam Pustelnik    

Well, it's about time to share some news from the trip to Catalunya. It's almost half way of the journey and there's been a a few things happening. First of all, it seems like spring has missed us, and straight from winter we landed in summer. Therefore most of the cliffs that seemed like a good place to climb in spring are out of reach. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the shade we have to search only for those with northern exposure. But still it's Catalunya and there's a lot to choose from.


As for now Collagets with the most majestic sector La Pedrera is the best place seen so far. Even getting there is a big adventure. First you have to cross a 30 meter wide river via a tyrolyan traverse, and then you can get close to one of the best quality rocks around. Long routes, beautiful colors and one of the best scenery around make this place exceptional.

As it is the beginning of the season for me, I still don't feel like in the best shape. Moving a lot on climbing days makes my stamina grow with every climb, but still I know there's much more. Anyway I've managed to get a clean On Sight of a 8a+ in Camarasa. A send that I've managed to do 6 years ago for the last time. I've focused rather on Red Points and longer climbs for the last few years, so it's nice to slowly feel good on longer On Sights again.

We'll be moving on Monday to Siurana for the last few climbing days. For now there's still one day around Terradets, and will try to make the best of it.

All the best for all of you.

One more thing. I've set a gallery for the trip, and will try to update it as often as possible. All photos are from Tony Cappucino - cheers for them.


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