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Dave Wetmore Climbs Busted Shadow Assis (V13) • Bradley, CT & 2nd Place at Heart of Steel

Dave Wetmore Climbs Busted Shadow Assis (V13) • Bradley, CT & 2nd Place at Heart of Steel
Dave Wetmore Climbs Busted Shadow Assis (V13) • Bradley, CT & 2nd Place at Heart of Steel
March 29, 2011 -  Dave Wetmore    

This week was fan-freaking-tastic. I finally sent my project after 10 days of battling, 1,879 miles of driving from Boston to Connecticut after work, $3,400,904 worth of gas, and 17.5 burritos from El Sombrero (That's an exaggeration, but let's have some fun here folks). The day it finally went, I drove approximately 100 miles per hour down to the boulder after work (or so it seemed), hiked out 4 pads, warmed up on a traverse, and sent first go of the day. I was all alone. Or at least I  thought I was. Dan Bates, the Bradley Sheriff, came ambling around the  corner soon after he heard my victory cries. Interestingly enough, the start holds of the boulder were soaking wet when I sent, which led me to stuff the leaking crack with paper towels and chalk the dampened holds for about one minute before I could attempt the start. After a fresh paper towel pack and some chalk, I would have about 30 seconds to go until it seeped to much. It made the final push that much more satisfying.

With a bunch of help from  the one and only, Jon Glassberg, my friend, fellow strongling, cuddle  bunny, and expert life partner, I was able to put together a video to  remember.  Hope you enjoy.



Dave Wetmore • Busted Shadow Assis (V13) • Bradley, CT from David Wetmore on Vimeo.

On top of this boulder completion, I was able to make Finals at the  HEART OF VSTEEL. A brilliant comp set by Max Zolotukhin, Steven Jeffrey, Jon Glassberg, and Gavin Heverly. The qualifier boulder problems were original and set just hard enough to separate the top three strongest male and female competitors. I somehow beat Vasya Vorotnikov in this first round by one fall, but he easily vanquished me in Finals with his seemingly endless supply of endurance, unwavering body awareness, and ice cold calm under extreme pressure. Regardless, I was able to climb relatively well, walking away with a second place  finish, $400, and a soreness in my biceps, back, and forearms that will most likely subside sometime this summer. Next time, I'm training 6-minute  interval endurance so I can make more money! Nice job to all  competitors! A special congrats to Five Ten athlete and amazing friend, Natasha Barnes, for owning the female category! Check out Joe Kinder's photo recap.

Outside of places, prizes, and cash, the highlight of the night for me was when Josh Larson (my best bud), a Finalist and also FiveTen athlete, finished climbing on Problem #1 and  came sprinting back into isolation where the rest of us were preparing  for our turn. Out of breath, sweating, and pumped close to death, he said, "Wow! That was so much fun! Oh my God! I can't wait for Number 2!"  It was like watching a kid just after opening a bunch of Christmas  gifts. A touching experience all around. Nice work BRG.

It's a bit difficult to explain the actual movement involved in the problems due to their complicated nature, so you'll just have to wait for the LT11's highlight reel.

Until the next thing.



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