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First Day Of The Season

First Day Of The Season
First Day Of The Season
First Day Of The Season
First Day Of The Season
March 15, 2011 -  Alex Sosa Manon    

First outdoor climbing in 2011

My first day in the Gunks was awesome!  Me and my friend nick headed up to Rhinebeck, NY to stay at his house 30 minutes away from the climbing area.   We arrived at my Grandpa’s house, and right away my friend Nick starts to pull out all the food and eat a bite of it.  I went upstairs took a shower and went to bet it was about 12:30, and we were waking up at 7:00am to go out climbing.


Nick woke me up around 7:00, we ate breakfast and left. When we got to the town of New Paltz, NY, we stopped at the local pro shop Rock and Snow, which is amazing, and picked up a few items.  Then we went around the town, and we usually go straight onto the bridge but this was after a big rainstorm that flooded the bridge, and hit the Mountain Deli right under the climbing area.  We got our food and left.

We arrived at the parking lot and my mom sat in the car for a few as we hiked up the Stair-Master.  We got on the Carriage Road and walked down to The Buddha, a famous V7 in the Gunks.  We got there and put our shoes on, and stayed our crash pads because it was mid 30’s, a little muddy, and snow and ice were we were.  I did a couple jumping jacks to get warm and hopped right on The Buddha. I did it first go.  It’s defiantly one of my favorite boulder problems in the Gunks.

After I got close on The Illustrious Buddha V8 quick, my friend wanted to leave and get on some easier stuff for him.

We walked down towards the beginning of the Carriage Road.

It was the first day of climbing outdoors in 2011, and it was wet so I didn’t stress to do hard climbs, I just wanted to do some fun stuff.  We put our pad down on Black Boulder problem, a very fun V5.  I did it, then Nick did the one next to it, hes only been climbing for 3 weeks.  Then we walked down the road more and found some easy stuff for nick, I did them too there so fun!

We ran into Brian Kim, A strong, and when I say strong I mean very strong climber, and a great friend and stopped to say hello.  We ended up having dinner after climbing.

Overall, a sick day of outdoor climbing, friends, and food.


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