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Fabian Christof's First Days in Tecino

Fabian Christof's First Days in Tecino
Fabian Christof's First Days in Tecino
February 23, 2011 -  Fabian Christof    

We´re in Tecino now for five days and have to battle with Frankenjura like fast changing conditions. The first two days were rainy and humid so Cresciano was a proper beginning. After a few hours of sun, the most boulders were in a reasonable condition. Some easy and nice warm-ups brought the feeling back for the Granite and I went straight to The Dagger. After the sun was gone down behind the mountains, the friction was quite good. The hardest thing with that boulder is to figure out one´s own beta, especially for the second part. For any reason I couldn´t reach a good crimp near to the ending.


To know how to climb the second part took a lot of time and some frustration! You think you got the solution than you realize that´s not possible to link it with some moves before. Fortunately, Andi found a perfect method how to do this part without needing to much power. The first part was obvious how to climb it and I was relatively sure if I have a good solution for the ending than I can send it. I did all the parts again to internalize the moves. After a short rest, I did it to my surprise first try on this trip. What a climb!

As I wrote in my last blog it is quite satisfying to climb one single goal but to do it on my first climbing day of this trip is even better. Now there are two main goals left. One of them was wet the last days, therefore let´s try the other and hope for a more solid weather situation

Greeting from Switzerland



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