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Highline Baja

Highline Baja
Highline Baja
Highline Baja
Highline Baja
Highline Baja
Highline Baja
Highline Baja
February 20, 2011 -  Thomas and Charlie    

We've been up to a lot since we made our account. Unfortunately it didn't lend itself to blogging... but here we are again, back after an incredible highline trip through Mexico's Baja.

For the last month we've been cruising the Baja; sun, beaches, tacos and highlines. We took a little hiatus from climbing and focused more on walking lines. We "teamed" up with some friends for the first half of our trip. With them we rigged two new lines, one in the Parque Nacional San Pedro Martir (Car Troubles - 54m long and 25m high) and the other just north of Cataviña (Robot vs Dinosaur - 30m long and 15m high). These were the first highlines in Baja to the best of our knowledge.


Our friends went north and we continued south to the Tropics. Along the way we rigged multiple new lines; bolting two more in Cataviña (Mexican Exchange Rate - 22m L 15m H) The name "Mexican Exchange Rate" is not the direct currency exchange  between dollars and pesos but the price you will be charged for being a  Gringo.  The other line (EPeC "El Pedregroso es Chido" Highline - 27m L 20m H) was bolted by hand.

In La Paz we were invited into the home of a local for some midday tequila. The view from his roof showed us the local water tower. We knew instantly that we had to rig a highline inside it's support structure... and being that it's Mexico pretty much anything goes. The line was named (Puppo's Pimpin' Place - 8m L 20m H) after our friend Puppo who is a pimp? Not really... but seriously.

From La Paz we drove down the eastern coast to a small town named Santiago. A few miles down a dirt road lies paradise in the form of Cañyon de la Zorra, a natural reserve with a 10m waterfall into a flawless pool. This area had already seen a number of bolted rappels and this made us comfortable with strategically placing our bolts by hand out of eyesight to tourists and naturalists. The line was named (Linea de la Zorra - 43m L 25m H) and is Thomas' personal longest highline. A place worth visiting.

On our way back north from the Gringo packed Cabo's we stopped for the best fish tacos in the Baja in Santa Rosalia. As we were leaving we noticed potential for a line within the rafters of a decommissioned copper mine. After gaining approval from the Chief of Police, Chief of the Fire Department and the head of cultural affairs for the town we got rigging. We named the line (Cobre Gap - 12m L 20m H) and allowed for some very cool photo opportunities.

Despite all of the bad media about Mexico we found our trip to be full of good people and good times. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a highline adventure in uncharted territory as far as the sport of highlining is concerned. Take extra gas, your best spanish and a stack of Playboy's to help you get through the military checkpoints that are ubiquitous in Mexico.

We hope you enjoy the photos and we should have a rudimentary video together for the whole trip. Our friends Janek, Faith and Jordan put together a quick video of the first half of the adventure, thanks team for putting it together.

Mexico Trip [Trailer] from jordan tybon on Vimeo.

We're now back in the states in lovely Las Vegas, NV for some red rock.


Thomas and Charlie


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