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Jan/Feb 2011 - Jess Stone Racing and Riding

Jan/Feb 2011 - Jess Stone Racing and Riding
Jan/Feb 2011 - Jess Stone Racing and Riding
Jan/Feb 2011 - Jess Stone Racing and Riding
February 10, 2011 -  Jess Stone    

Jess has been 1st in both Mini DH Races and been training hard getting ready for the first official race 'Steel City Mini DH' that Steve Peat will be hosting at Wharncliffe Woods. Freecaster will be there to cover the event.


I did the Mini DH race organised by Chris Roberts (nakedracing) back in December and really enjoyed it.  I find the Mini DH races quite challenging as they are only 1 minute long and finding places to make time up is tough. It’s all good practice however! It’s nice to see a rippers category and this sort of racing is what brings the fresh talents into the sport, gives the kids something to aspire to.I had spent much of the weekend pushing up at Hopton and doing some riding there having tons of fun. I was pretty tired come Sunday for the Jan Mini DH race but I was looking forward to it. The race day was great fun, the track was on corkscrew which the top section was very flat with some jumps before going flat out at the bottom section into the finish. The track was under 1 minute long and was very fast. I finished in 1st again 3 seconds ahead of Katy Curd in 2nd and Emma Wareham in 3rd.

The last few weeks I’ve spent a bit of time on my new road bike which Trek kindly provided for me – with custom Green for my Gravity Girls team colours! Put in some hours on the Madone 5.2! What a lushous bike! The season kicks off for me on March 5th at the Steel City Mini DH race at Wharncliffe Woods that Steve Peat is hosting. Freecaster will be there so be sure to watch on

I also been down to Hereford BMX track a few times!!


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