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3 days climbing for Peter Whittaker

3 days climbing for Peter Whittaker
January 31, 2011 -  Peter Whittaker    

3 days good weather, resulted in 3 days very nice climbing. Friday me and my friend Tom went for a potter round millstone. I had always wanted to have a go on Monopoly, a Johnny E7 from back in the day. I thought the route was probably onsightable so set off up the route, placed the low gear and got established on the slab. Unfortunatly the holds weren't as good as I was hoping for on the upper slab so down climbed back to floor before becoming to committed.


I set off again shortly after, this time found myself committed to the final slab moves, well run out and quite scared so just busted out a big rockover to gain the ledge at the top. I think the route has been onsighted once before by Ben Heason, so was pretty pscyhed to also do it in this style. I decided to then have a do on a new route Tom put up in 2004, it was unrepeated and i thought it would keep him happy if i did it :) because its nice when people go and do routes you have put up. I like it when people go out and try routes i have done. Anyway after gaining some knowledge from him about the correct cam to use after the crux I managed to flash it, which was nice.

Saturday it was me birthday so went for a dabble at Froggatt with some friends from Sheffield. It was a nice day and at one point it actually felt like summer when the sun came out!! Anyway we had a load of pads so did a few highball E6s and some standard one handed jibbery on the froggatt slabs, always a must.

Sunday was Ramshaw, I had a plan of doing a few routes, but in the end loads of people turned up and it was a mad fest of boulder problems. It was good actually because i don't do much bouldering and wouldn't really choose to go bouldering at Ramshaw so alot of the problems i hadn't done before. It was a very nice end to a good little 3 days.

And thats that i'm not a teenager anymore, old man, hitting 20, does this mean i need i should be more sensible? In a word, No - because i'm actually just about to go and hang upside down like a fruit bat in a crack!! Classic


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