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Isabelle Faus Returns from Hueco

Isabelle Faus Returns from Hueco
Isabelle Faus Returns from Hueco
Isabelle Faus Returns from Hueco
Isabelle Faus Returns from Hueco
January 21, 2011 -  Isabelle Faus    

I am finally back in Chicago after a little over 3 months away. Jimmy and I flew in to El Paso on the 10th of December, and with out a ride to the ranch from the airport we ended up dropping about 70 dollars on a cab ride. We spent the rest of the day playing ping pong and falling off the slack line. Later on we hitched a ride and went to El Pasito and ate the best burritos in the world for dinner. Thats really how most of the days went after that, we would go climbing, then go to El Pasito, and then finish the night off with a couple hours of ping pong. Rest days were spent at starbucks, and on special occasions at paint ball, the sand dunes, or bowling.


After Jimmy left on the 21st, I was pretty much on my own. It was the first time I have ever been out on a trip by myself, and with out a car. I really enjoyed it, anything that I did, I did because I wanted to. I didnt have put other peoples wants in needs into consideration when making plans for the day. The only bad part was not having a car, but everyone at the ranch was super nice, and I was able to find rides pretty much anytime I wanted. I also found that I was able to send more things as well, it was easier for me to totally concentrate on what my body needed. Im not saying that I never want to go on trips with groups of people ever again, because I definitely do. I just think that being selfish for a few weeks was good for me physically and mentally.

During my four weeks there I was able to finish most of things I tried last year but was unable to execute. I felt stronger and like I understood how things climb more efficiently this year. My trip went really well, but I definitely have tons more I want to do next season. I plan on spending more time there next year, and possibly trying to become a guide.

Heres a tick list of what I did this season.V10- A Good Day for Swiss Crisp Mix- I tried it last year a couple of times, and it felt impossible, this year it went quick. Took me about 3o minutes.

V10-Flower Power- This one was Epic for me. I spent 2 days on last year, and 5 this year. During my first 2 days on this year, I just couldnt figure it out and I pretty much gave up on it. On my 3rd day I got amazing beta and was able to do all the moves. Then I spent a day falling off the last hold. On my last day in Hueco I went out and did it 2nd try. It was an awesome way to end the trip.

V10- Ten Ten- This one took me a couple days to figure out, but as soon as I did figure it out, I got it 2nd try. It is soft for a 10, but it did feel harder than the other 9s I did in Hueco.

V9-Frogger- Crimp ladder, 3rd try.

V9-Glass Roof- HARD 2 days. Like most things it felt impossible my first day.

V9-Choir Boys-I punted off the last move 4 times in a row, got really mad, came back in a few days and finally did it.

V8-Sex After Death- Flash

V8-Something Different- Very Very fun

V8-Ultramega- One of my favorites for sure


V7- Snake Charmer- A must do

V7- Nobodys Funky- hard to find but worth it.

Here my list for next year

Power of Silence

Free Willy

Diaphanous Sea

Rumble in the Jungle

Chupacabra Left


Julio and Me


Tequila Sunrise

Dark Silhouette

Bath Tub

Best of the Best

.....and lots more that I cant think of right now.

For now I am back at Hidden Peak training for nationals, and trying not to think about the fact that its not going to get above 30 for the next month.

Thats all for now.
p.s. i dyed my hair purple.


Photo Credits: Phaydara, Makito Inomata, Brian Kim


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