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A Bishop Update by Alex Johnson

A Bishop Update by Alex Johnson
A Bishop Update by Alex Johnson
January 16, 2011 -  Alex Johnson    

I'm exited to report that I've been chipping away at my long list of projects here in Bishop. We've had two straight weeks of unbelievably perfect weather and the snow is melting like crazy, opening up more lines every day.


The number one boulder problem on my ever-extending project list out here has been Haroun and the Sea of Stories, V11/12. It's truly a beautiful and special problem; long and sustained, with playful original movement. It is easy to stay motivated working on such an unbelievable climb! I was finally able to work my way through the powerful bottom section, and with the boulder being as large as it is, the pump quickly intensified near the end, making the usually casual top-out feel just as strenuous as the opening moves. But the exuberance I felt standing on top of one of the most amazing climbs I'd ever done was well worth the throbbing forearms. It's no wonder it's considered one of the best in Bishop.
Another problem I've had my eyes on has been Stained Glass, V10. I recently jumped on it to see if I could get a few good attempts in before my fingers began to bleed. I surprised myself when I found my hand latched to the finish jug.
Haroun and Stained Glass were both high on my wish list. I'm taking a couple days off now in hopes of growing some tough skin back before I continue to hammer away at more projects. Motivation continues to soar as my only trouble now is deciding what to focus my efforts on.
Photos of Haroun and Stained Glass by Cory French.


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