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E8 Flash

E8 Flash
December 27, 2010 -  Peter Whittaker    

Out at Matlock Bank Quarry on Christmas Eve with my friend Tom. I gave him a belay on his project that he has been trying recently, then decided to have ago at 'Power of the Dark Side,' a James Pearson route from back in 2005. Tom had already headpointed this arete climb earlier in the year so I got him to ab down and brush the melting snow off the holds, dry them out and chalk them up. I remembered the moves from when spotting Tom on the route when he did it, but got him to show me the crux again so it was refreshed in my memory.


Anyway after warming up I set off. The route is just a solo and only about 11/12 metres overall, however it has a really bad landing onto an uneven ledge with another couple of metres drop off this. I was sort of expecting to climb up and down the start a few times to get warmed into it, however when I pulled onto the crux hold i held the barn door and just kept going. After this you can't reverse so I pushed on and that was it, I'd done it, first go!

I think the route has had either 1 or 2 repeats before mine, however pretty sure i'm the first person to flash the route.

I was pretty psyched to flash E8 and do an awesome bit of climbing at the same time and it just puts a great end onto a brilliant year of climbing for me.

Bring on 2011, can't wait!!!

P.s. unfortunatly I don't have any photos as it was just me and Tom who were out and he was giving me a spot when I was climbing


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