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Jack Fieldhouse Reviews the Yosemite Jeans and Belt Buckle

Jack Fieldhouse Reviews the Yosemite Jeans and Belt Buckle
Jack Fieldhouse Reviews the Yosemite Jeans and Belt Buckle
December 18, 2010 -  Jack Fieldhouse    

Review of Yosemite Jeans and Belt Buckle  (A bit tongue in cheek, but I love the pants and buckle!) I just got a pair of the new Yosemite Jeans and one of the new Five Ten Yosemite belt buckles and I can’t say enough about this combination.


I have a tough job as a 1st Grade teacher - I’m constantly bending on one knee to get down to the kids’ level. This, along with the number of Christmas cookies I’ve consumed lately, has been putting serious strain on my pants and belt buckle. It would be nice to be able to lose the belt altogether and wear a pair of sweatpants, but with “plumber’s crack” lurking behind every deep-knee bend and the resulting ridicule from 24 munchkins, it’s just not a chance I’m willing to take.

Enter the Yosemite Jean and belt buckle… (insert angels singing here). The stretch denim jeans move with me, giving me the freedom to get down and tie up laces, wipe snotty noses, and help with printing. The belt buckle with its curved design and robust build sits comfortably on a holiday tummy and leaves the mind free to focus on stuck snowpant zippers rather than worrying about belt buckle failure. With their fashion-forward design both the jeans and belt buckle can easily go from the classroom to the club. I’m pretty sure the belt buckle could hold its own in any country bar from Calgary to Austin. And if the jeans and buckle perform this well in the classroom, they’re sure to pass the test of climbing with flying colors.Check them out! You won’t be sorry you did. ;)



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