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Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love

Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
Shon Bollock - Tunnel of Love
December 13, 2010 -  Shon Bollock    

We have been lucky enough to receive a lot of early precip up here in northern California and it has made for some decent winter boating thus far. On Sunday (12/5/10) I enjoyed a great solo day out with my girlfriend Callie, unfortunately the flows were marginal on Mears Creek. This run flows into the Upper Sacramento and is located about 20mins south of Mt. Shasta.

That night it dumped rain for a solid 9 hours and the following morning I knew there would be water somewhere around the area.


As the Shasta Boyz are kinda spread out these days, Ryan down in SLO working as a nurse and Dev is here in Shasta working full time, it can be hard to find people to paddle with. Luckily my girlfriend Callie is always down for an adventure and played ground logistics for these couple days so I could get some boating in. There is something about solo boating that I really enjoy even though nothing beats a day paddling with da boyz.

The following day was defiantly higher but not even near the highest flow we have seen in there. The more water the more full on it gets down in the gorge but sometimes you just feel the need for speed and the Tunnel of Love can oblige. This is a great run to have in the backyard and the full Mears Creek is awesome as well but a little more sketchy to do solo due to crazy backwood folk and unpredictable wood.

This is a short TUNNEL of LOVE video featuring a couple of my solo runs from the last week. Make sure to watch in HD.

These are just a couple of the many gems up here in rural nor cal but I feel fortunate to be close to some paddling again after spending my last 3 years at school in Santa Cruz. I am just trying to enjoy my time here as I am back to the University of California Santa Cruz next fall (2011) to finish my BA. The preliminary edits and media management has begun for Slippery When Wet.

The countdown has begun for Christmas and I am stoked to be done with classes on Monday. Headed to Georgia for the holiday, so you know I am lookin forward to some southern cookin, deep sea fishin, and seeing how the south gets down during Christmas. Hope everyone is near water somewhere and keep tuned for the next of many trailers for our new film Slippery When Wet coming soon.

Photos courtesy of Callie Daniel and Shon Bollock


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